Music Bingo

Music Bingo


Why is MusicAL Bingo So Popular?

To put it simply, it’s easy, fun & you win cool stuff!

Play the easiest pub game on the planet having dinner & drinks with family & friends whilst singing along to your favourites songs & winning prizes supplied by the venue. What more could you want?

Venue management tell us its usually their busiest night of the week with meals & bar profits.

Patrons just love it!

Music Bingo
Pub Music Bingo


What do we supply?

We supply the party, you provide the prizes

Music bingo host

Music bingo sheets & pens

Hit songs from classics to now

PA system and microphone

Up to 2 hours of great entertainment

What is Music Bingo?

It’s bingo with hit songs instead of numbers

How Does It Work?

We’ll give you FREE music bingo sheets to play

Mixed Tape - Music Bingo

Listen to the song snippet & mark your card

Two Line Mixed Tape Music Bingo

Win cool prizes supplied by the venue or client, EASY!

Music-Quiz Demo Venue Voucher

What people say about us

We were looking for something different to attract regular crowds again.

Tuesday nights ended up being one of our most profitable nights.

Rick – FBGC

Our guests were actually singing their hearts out at their tables during dinner.

This is nothing like the boring bingo I’ve seen before.

Jenny’s 50th birthday party

Absolutely awesome! Thanks for making our event such a success. Great selection of songs you tailored for us too. We just can’t thank you enough. So much fun!

Carolyn’s Team building day